Simple yet powerful.

Meevo is derived from decades of client feedback, industry knowledge, and business experience. It is cloud-based, smart, user-friendly, and fun to use! Here, you can find additional key features Meevo's platform has to offer.

App Bar

The expandable bar at the bottom of the appointment book that offers many filtering options to enhance and customise your preferred appointment book view.

Appointment Book

Appointments appear and update in real-time. The drag and drop feature makes moving appointments quick and easy.

Appointment pop-up

Pop-up menu that appears in the appointment book that gives you info on the client, employee, service, check-in status, and gives ability to ring up.


A search bar for what you're looking for within Meevo. You can also bring up saved Convos and make new ones. A revolutionary way to look at the appointment book. Type in dates, service providers, clients, and more.


Tool used to create Convos for Convobar. Pick the search parameters you want and save the Convo for future use.

Easy Scheduling

Schedule your employees' hours quickly and easily with Meevo's click, copy, and paste functioning.

Find Feature

Quick access search bar to view client profiles, booked appointments, and history accessible from any screen in Meevo.


An engaging token system for your employees to ensure they are at the top of their game!

Help Center

Your Meevo help website containing hundreds of how-to videos on all the features and functions within Meevo, as well as other resources for training and support.

Inventory Management

Count your inventory, order products, and track usage with our smart and simple inventory management tools.


Measure your performance and growth with Meevo's valuable reports such as the MA200 and MR080.

Smart Boards

Beautifully designed charts, graphs, and gauges that visually represent key metrics in real-time.

Smart Center

A customisable navigation dashboard with live data and key metrics. Design your own Smart Center screens with tons of different real-time widgets, layouts, and colours to choose from. Your world in one screen.

Smart Receipt

An itemised “receipt” located in the register that lists all items on a transaction. Also has alerts about missing client info, notes, and easy tip access.

SMS/Email Confirmations

Send email and/or text message confirmations and reminders to your clients to prevent no-shows and cancellations.

Task Bar

Quickly navigate between open screens without closing any windows allows you to pick up right where you left off in any situation.

Online Booking

A fully integrated, easy to use, online booking website that makes your business available to clients around the clock.

Quick Register

Meevo's register gives you the ability to multi-task. Easily book appointments and ring-up sales simultaneously without losing information in the process.