What Are Your Goals? Let's Surpass Them

Meevo helps you set and assign monthly goals (calculating down to the week or even the day) for your entire business. Our intelligent software automatically calculates data, displays target ranges and lets you compare actuals from the previous year. You can also identify where your team is crushing numbers and where there is room for improvement.

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Meevo Goals Dashboard

Visualise Success

Don't wait for reviews to show your team how they're performing. Employees have constant access to their Goals Dashboard, where they can track individual and inter-departmental achievements.

Define Business Goals

Meevo lets you set overall business goals in various categories, including new clients per month, frequency of visits, target retail sales, request rates and more. Improve operations, productivity, and efficiency, all while optimising your workforce.

Meevo Define your Goals
Meevo Department Goals

Encourage Departmental Teamwork

You can also assign specific objectives for each department, whether that's numbers to hit for client retention, rebooking rates, average ticket amounts or target service revenue. See how the data measures up against last year's and which departments are proving themselves most successful.

Discover Your Top Performers

Break the numbers down even further by setting individual staff member goals in various categories, like frequency of visits, retail sales, 5 star ratings, request rates and more. You can also compare employee actuals with their departmental goals to pinpoint who's really doing the best work for your business.

Meevo Employee Goals

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