Keep Count And Stay Organised

Tracking inventory just became a breeze. From managing data to defining stock levels and ordering products, Meevo’s inventory software brilliantly takes on every task for you and keeps things tidy. It simply makes your job easier.

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Meevo scans barcodes with mobile phone

Mobile Management

Meevo's mobile capabilities let you walk around your business with a mobile device, take barcode photos and enter product information from wherever you're standing. Real-time inventory updates increase productivity and decrease errors.

Smart Product Recognition

Save time with data entry. With Meevo, you only need to document products with multiple sizes once by filing all their variants in the same screen.

variant product sizes 15oz 25oz 35oz
salon and spa floor plan indicating inventory locations

Designate Floor Locations

Is that product on the floor, the selling rack, or in the back? Stay organised and easily keep track of where retail is physically located around your business by assigning individual Floor Locations within Meevo.

Automatic Purchase Orders

Before you run out of a product, Meevo will beat you to the punch and help build your automatic purchase orders. Our software will already know the quantities you need, based on stock levels, saving you the time it would take to check manually.

Meevo automatic Purchase Order
Meevo Multi Location Inventory

Multi-Location Inventory

Control your business’ inventory on a high level by consolidating inventory in one place. Meevo lets you enter all products via Central Office instead of separately for each location. Now you can oversee data for all your salons or spas at once.

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