The Register That Does It All

Meevo's cloud-based point of sale software streamlines the checkout process with minimal clicks. The mobile Register cleverly applies discounts, itemises receipts, redeems gift cards and packages, recalls client history, utilises split-pay, and so much more. It's a pleasure for everyone to do business.

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Mobile Checkout

Your clients are there to relax, so bring the checkout process directly to their chair or treatment room. Meevo's fully-functioning mobile Register allows you to seamlessly pay from a touch-screen device (and free up the front desk).

How Would You Like Your Receipt?

After finalising a transaction, choose to print a receipt, receive one via email, or include a gift receipt. You can even go green with on-screen options for email-only receipts or none at all.

Meevo register receipt
Meevo Register Product Recommendations

Smart Recommendations

Meevo has a great memory—it keeps track of the products a client has previously purchased. It also lets you know when they're due to buy more for an easy sales boost at checkout.

Discount Applied!

The Register can apply automatic discounts at checkout; you can also create discount codes and BOGO promotions to apply manually, then still grant employee commission on the full-price service.

Meevo register automatic automatic discounts
credit cards are protected and PCI compliant

Safe And Direct Payments

Protect your business and stay PCI compliant with Meevo's integrated credit card processor. The Register's internal POS software lets you sidestep external fees.

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