Security At Your Level

Meevo gives you the keys to keep parts of your salon and spa software locked. Define limited security roles and grant access only where needed - and you can adjust the settings at any time. Security measures give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Employee cannot access Meevo outside the business

Off-Premise Restrictions

Easily enable IP restrictions in Meevo to limit your employee’s offsite usage of the software. Controlling access levels and keeping things in-house adds an extra layer of safety.

Permission Is Your Decision

If certain elements of Meevo aren’t relevant to an employee’s role, why even show it to them? Determine which features are accessible and which are hidden from employees. They won’t even know what they’re missing.

Permission settings for different roles (Front, Desk, Service Provider, Manager)

Security Starting Points

Meevo offers pre-loaded templates with "ideal" security settings based on various employee roles. It's a good foundation and a set-up timesaver and you can always make individual adjustments as you see fit.

Meevo Security screen on laptop
Meevo security controls multi-locations globally

Global And Local Security Levels

Security is a top priority, especially if you run a few locations under your umbrella. With Central Office, it’s totally at your discretion which users you grant access to, including which users get capabilities across multiple salons and spas.

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