Smart Center: Create Your Own World

Meevo's Smart Center is a completely customisable dashboard hub within the software. Design your space to fit your creative style and keep up with real-time data that's specific to each role at your business. Now, you can visualise everything important to your salon or spa business in one place.

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Meevo Smart Center on desktop colourise tile

One Screen, Your Way

Organise your Smart Center with everything that’s important to YOU on one screen. Choose from tons of smart tiles to keep you informed, then get personal with gorgeous layouts and colours so your home base feels a little more like YOU.

A Dashboard For Your Role

Not all Smart Centers look alike—and that's the idea! Customise employee dashboards to display helpful info tailored to their job profiles, increasing productivity while they're on the clock.

Meevo Smart Center Live Metric tiles

Live Metrics And Data

Smart Center tiles display real-time data and live metrics. It's the simplest and most effective way to stay on top of key performance indicators and employee stats.

Bird's-Eye View of Business

Don't waste time running separate data reports for each of your locations. Owners of multiple salons or spas can keep track of business as a whole with Smart Center aggregated data tiles.

Meevo Smart Center global view

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