Walk-Ins Are More Than Welcome

No appointment? No problem. The Walk-In Manager integration tool works with Meevo 2 to book clients for same-day services—both on and off-premise. It's simple to create and manage a waitlist, use on-screen displays to show clients their place in line and view walk-in statistics at the end of the day.

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Meevo 2 Walk-In Manager Kiosk

Self Check-In Kiosk

Front desk not required. When you display the Walk-In Manager Kiosk on a touch-screen device, clients can effortlessly check themselves in, see current promotional offers and add themselves to the waitlist.

Monitor Walk-In Appointments

Employees can manually place guests on the Walk-In Manager's waitlist. You can easily manage who’s up next for a service and show estimated wait times (down to the minute) - all on a client-facing monitor.

Meevo 2 Walk-In Manager on a monitor in a waiting room
Meevo 2 Walk-In Manager check-in remotely

Get In Line Remotely

Take the "wait" out of "waitlist." Guests can add themselves to the Walk-in Manager's queue off-site, eliminating the need to be on-location until it's time for their service. You can configure the distance a client is from your location – so even your virtual line is cutter proof.

Geo-Location Convenience

Multi-location business owners: add a link to your company website that prompts clients to type in their post code. Meevo 2 will populate the closest locations by mileage so your guests can determine the most convenient salon or spa for them to book a service.

Meevo 2 Walk-In Manager for multi-location

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