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Meevo's appointment booking software is the smartest in the salon and spa industry, yet so easy to use. With its striking professional design, automatic options and time-saving features, everything is customisable to fit your business needs.

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Meevo Appointment Book

The World's Smartest & Fastest Appointment Book

Meevo is powered by advanced spa and salon scheduling software, but you don't need to be a tech pro to stay organised. Our versatile Appointment Book saves you time and makes reservations in seconds —all with a gorgeous aesthetic.

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Online Booking At Your Clients' Fingertips

We were first in the industry to offer Online Booking—and we've since revved up this business boosting platform. Meevo's secure and intuitive website offers easy customisation and multi-location booking convenience—whenever and wherever your clients want it.

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Meevo Online Booking
Meevo Wait List

The Wait Is Over

The smartest Wait List in the salon and spa industry has arrived. Meevo unlocks ways to automate your front desk's busy work—it identifies opportunities, engages clients via text message, and collects more data with less effort.

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More Communication, Less Work

Get in touch with your guests at the right times and stay connected. Meevo lets you send automated text and/or email notifications to clients, including appointment reminders, updates, confirmations and more. Keep clients informed with minimal effort on your end—which means less no-shows and stronger relationships.

Meevo Automated Notifications

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